High Performance Lip Gloss from Lancome

24 Feb

Replenishing and Reshaping Lip Cream

Although aging in the lip area is more subtle than the rest of your face, genetic and environmental factors (like exposure to sunlight) may lead to lip lines and wrinkles. Your lips also become thinner and lose volume over time.

While some of the causes of aging lips are inevitable, the right lip formula can rejuvenate your lips. L’Absolu Crรจme De Brillance from Lancome contains Pro-Xylaneโ„ข, typically found in skin care products, to visibly replenish and reshape your lips.

According to Lancome, the lip gloss and balm hybrid with hyaluronic acid and shine boosting oils has the most complete and powerful anti-aging molecule concentrated in a lip cream.

With all the shine power, the gloss goes on easily and delivers hydration to keep your lips smooth for hours. The anti-aging gloss is available in eight shades including including berry shades like Exotic Orchard and corals like Sienna Ultime.


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