Curling is a Hit on Wall Street

27 Feb

Latest Pastime of Bull & Bear Followers

What do Wall Street bankers do after a stressful day of watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average dip and jive? They turn on the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games to check out the latest curling match.

According to the New York Times, curling is like “chess on ice,” which even appeals to the CNBC crew who replace market chatter with curling when the closing bell rings.

As a research analyst from Bank of America observed, curling’s slow pace is perfect for multitasking: you can check out financial market data on Bloomberg yet still keep up when the lead throws out the first stone.

The influence of curling may go beyond Wall Street in New York. Don’t be surprised if the bold argyle design of the Norwegian Men’s curling pants shows up on one of  the future runways at New York Fashion Week.

Latest Curling News

Despite being terribly distracted by the curling pants of the Norweigan team, the Canadian Men’s curling team just won a gold medal. Congrats to both teams (even with those pants, the Norweigan team is pretty hot!).

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(Image: Yahoo)

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