Skin Care and the City

3 Mar

Pollution-Fighting Urban Essential

If you live in a large urban area, toxins and free radicals attack your skin every day. Impurities from pollutants like cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes attach to your skin, mix with natural oils, and generate free radicals and toxins.

Urban Express Mousse from Paris-based SAMPAR provides the best defense against city living with a powerful antioxidant shield that cleanses your face and removes makeup without irritation.

The mousse features Urban Advance Complex to soothe your skin and neutralize the lead and chlorine found in tap water. Geranium essential oil balances your skin’s production of oil and jump starts an antibacterial action that purifies the skin.

The rose scented cleanser comes with a high tech pump that creates a rich and creamy foam. Just apply the mousse to damp skin, massage in a circular motion, and rinse with lukewarm water. Not only will you shield your skin against the harsh environment, you’ll restore its natural radiance.

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