Which Actress is Most Likely to Sell the Label She Wears?

4 Mar

Image: MSN

Sandra Bullock Mostly Like to Sell Oscar Fashion

The Academy Awards ceremony is often anticipated more for the fashion of its nominees than the awards they receive. According to the Wall Street Journal, fashion at the Oscars and other award shows is so big that some actresses are ranked according to their ability to inspire viewers to buy the outfits they wear.

Who is currently sitting at the top of the list for selling fashion to red carpet viewers?

StyleSpot.com, an Internet shopping resource featuring celebrity looks and sites where you can purchase them, found that Sandra Bullock wearing Vivienne Westwood at the People’s Choice Awards had one of the top looks that site viewers checked out at a linked retail site.

What makes a star drive sales for clothes? It’s not just the awards for which they’re nominated. The reason Sandra Bullock’s fashion scores high among fans is her down-to-earth image. There’s something about seeing an actress shopping in jeans and a T-shirt one day and posing in a high fashion gown the next day that makes her a celebrity that women can relate to.

Other Oscar stars that may influence shoppers this year are newcomer Gabourey Sidibe and veteran Meryl Streep. Sidibe appeals to the plus-sized segment of female shoppers who are fashion’s fastest growing market. Streep appeals to women over 40, who usually spend more than other groups.

Whoever goes home with this year’s Oscar for Best Actress is likely to get as much attention for her red carpet arrival as the Academy Award acceptance speech she decides to give.

Update: Check out Sandra Bullock’s style evolution here.

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