Sleep Your Wrinkles Away

5 Mar

Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase

Getting rid of wrinkles may now be as simple as sleeping on the right bedding. SkinGlow Cupron® Copper Technology bedding features copper-infused linen that promises to restore your skin’s texture and tone.

According to a clinical study by the manufacturer, sleeping on the copper-oxide containing pillowcase for at least four weeks “will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes and will improve the skin’s overall appearance while you sleep.”

Copper peptides are a common ingredient in many anti-aging products, like Neutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion with Active Copper, designed to improve elasticity and firmness. The copper ions interwoven into Cupron bedding are activated by body moisture and last for the lifetime of the fabric.

The beauty enhancing bedding was recently featured on an episode of The Doctors that focused on top face fixes. An audience member, who tested the product, found after two weeks that her skin was “softer and more moisturized”. Between helping you to lose weight and reducing facial wrinkles, there’s now plenty of reasons to get your beauty sleep.

[Image via Cupron]



2 Responses to “Sleep Your Wrinkles Away”

  1. letstalkcomfort 19/06/2010 at 8:50 am #

    That is very interesting! I have never heard of those products. Are they sheet sets then? or are they Pillows?


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