Keep it Clean with Liquid Hand Wash

11 Mar

Softness in the Palm of Your Hands

Even though the debate is still raging over hand sanitizers, you still need to wash your hands to prevent infection and illness.

You can keep your hands clean and looking their best with a liquid hand wash that leaves skin moisturized. Jergens Fine Liquid Hand Wash gives your hands the attention they deserve whether they’re suffering from the cold weather outside or dry, overheated air inside.

Since you wash your hands on an average of 10 times a day, why not use a hand wash with natural silk proteins and conditioners for soft skin. If the hand wash comes in a light scent with crushed tea leaves, citron and wild bergamot, that’s even better. Or, try one of the other scents like fruity exotic vanilla if you can’t get away for a beach vacation.

Just wet your hands, work the hand wash into a lather and rinse well. With a conditioning formula, you’ll remove the dirt and germs but add back a healthy softness. [tweetmeme source= “blushstopshere” only_single=false]


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