Nina Ricci Launches New Perfume for Modern Day Romantics

18 Mar

Fragrance that Blends Femininity and Modernity

If you’re big on romance and poetry, Nina Ricci is launching the perfect fragrance for spring called Le Paradis de Nina.

The sweet scent with delicious notes of orange and mandarin zest is inspired by the aroma of French Madeleine cake, a delicate tea cake originated by pastry chefs in the town of Commercy.

In addition to the citrus elements of orange and mandarin blossom, the sparkling fragrance also features delicate almond, glazed apple, and gardenia.

Base notes provide freshness with ingredients like sandalwood, white wood, patchouli, and vanilla.

The fragrance bottle is a pastel pink apple flacon embellished with silver leaves. It draws inspiration from the vintage Fille d’eve bottle designed by Nina Ricci in 1952. The bottle also comes in a treasure box adorned with three dimensional white flowers, origami style. Now that’s poetic.

You can find Le Paradis de Nina (limited edition) at The Bay, Sears, and Shoppers Drug Mart starting June 2010.

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