Treat Your Dog to Soft and Gentle Shampoo

23 Mar

Aloe Vera Essence Moisturizes Your Pet’s Skin

You’re not the only one who needs a shampoo that works best for your hair and scalp. You also need to carefully select a shampoo that cleanses dirt and excess oil from your dog.

HOTdog Shampoo with Natural Extracts from Fruits & Passion is formulated with concentrated Aloe Vera essence to moisturize and purify your dog’s skin. Other beneficial ingredients include chamomile flower and ivy leaf extract with anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties for your dog’s skin and coat.

The shampoo cleans deeply without causing any itching or irritation, leaving your dog’s coat shiny, soft, and smooth. Like all of the products in the HOTdog collection, the shampoo has been developed for a dog’s highly sensitive sense of smell and tested in collaboration with a pet grooming spa.

General Buying Tips for Dog Shampoo

Before buying dog shampoo, check the ingredients to ensure they won’t irritate your dog. Heavy scents and some flea and tick shampoos may irritate the skin. Always follow the directions on the bottle and keep even tearless shampoo out of your dog’s eyes. Also, remember to dry your dog’s ear canals after bathing.

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