Jennifer Aniston’s Secret to Looking Good

1 Apr

Work Out Hard But Don’t Give Everything Up!

Jennifer Aniston is everywhere these days from the cover of several magazines to her new action comedy, The Bounty Hunter, with Gerard Butler.

Aniston appears on the cover of the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK and in the issue’s editorial with glowing shots by photographer, Alexi Lubormski.

Inside the magazine, Aniston talks about her life over the last five years (since Brad?) including her feelings on Botox, rebirth, and the launch of her new fragrance, Lovalie.

On Botox, Aniston confesses that she could do it but acknowledges that lines are just about living. The actress, who embraces the aging process, works out hard and eats really well but isn’t quite ready to give up coffee or a glass of wine. Her advice for all of us who want to look better is to “stop eating s–t every day”.

Aniston considers the last five years as a period of spring cleaning. She believes the present is a time of rebirth when she can indulge in trying new things.

For the launch of her new signature fragrance, Lolavie, Aniston wanted to be involved in the entire process from the original idea to the scent to the ad campagin with Mario Sorrenti.  Aniston is working with Falic Group, which created Eva Longoria Parker’s first scent, to launch Lolavie in the UK. It will debut in the US later this year.

[Image: New York Daily News]

Lola V

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