Try Everything When Searching for Your Passion

1 Apr

New Book Gives Advice on Finding Your Work Passion

After graduating from school with no clear goal, Sean Aiken knew one thing: he didn’t want to be stuck in a job he hated.

So he created the One-Week Job Project to try out different jobs from farmer to fireman to team mascot. For one year, Aiken worked at 52 jobs with all of his earnings donated to ONE, a campaign that fights poverty.

In his book, The One-Week Job Project: One Man, One Year, 52 Jobs, Aiken describes his experiences which apply not only to college graduates but to everyone who’s looking for work right now. It’s a valuable read if you’ve lost your job and are feeling uneasy during the transition. Aiken’s book shows how he managed 52 transitions with the message that changing jobs can be productive and can lead to a better career and life.

Along with his insights on career transition, Aiken’s book is a wild ride across the U.S. and Canada with gigs as an astronomer, brewmaster, cowboy, and deejay (among others). If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in a tattoo parlor or a dairy farm, Aiken has a story whether it’s from a kitchen or a cubicle (check out a review of The One-Week Job Project to be released May 4, 2010).

Now if anyone wants to offer me a writing gig for about a week so I can test out this life-changing experience, contact me here.


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