High Fat Breakfast May Promote Good Health

2 Apr

Bagels vs. Bacon

Researchers at the University of Alabama have recently discovered that eating a high fat breakfast may prevent metabolic syndrome which features abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, and other high risk factors.

The findings published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that mice fed a higher fat breakfast, followed by a smaller lunch and even smaller evening meal, were more likely to lose weight and were at less risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. In contrast, a high carbohydrate meal in the morning and a high fat meal at the end of the day caused weight gain and glucose intolerance.

What does it all mean? Dr Martin Young, associate professor of medicine in the UAB Division of Cardiovascular Disease, said the study suggests that the first meal you eat may program your metabolism for the rest of the day. If you eat a high carbohydrate breakfast, it promotes carbohydrate utilization throughout the day. If you eat a high fat breakfast, you may be able to shift more easily between carbohydrate and fat utilization later on.

Although more work needs to be done regarding human health, the study does give hope to bacon and egg addicts everywhere.


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