Enhance Your Natural Eye Color

4 Apr

Color Wheel Small Color Mixing Guide

If you’ve always wanted to make your eye color pop, there’s an easy way to do it.

According to color theorists, all you have to do is wear eye makeup in a complementary shade for your eye color. For color theory novices, complementary colors are pairs of colors that are direct opposites.

For example, blue-eyed celebs like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston can bring out the aqua color in their eyes with a reddish brown tone like MAC Cosmetic Eye Shadow in Swiss Chocolate (muted reddish brown) or Embark (intense brown with red undertone).

I tested the color theory for hazel eyes using Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil in Black Jade as the contrasting eye liner and a neutral shade from one of Smashbox’s Full Exposure Palette as the eye shadow. Let’s just say that the color theory works!

[Image via Amazon]


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