If You’re Vegan, Go Kosher

8 Apr

Kosher Foods are in Demand

It’s not easy being a vegan. When it comes to food shopping, vegans feel it’s almost impossible to find foods that are animal-free.

Joining a growing group of food shoppers, vegans have discovered kosher foods as a source of products free of hidden meat or dairy. With consumers continuing to seek products that are high quality, healthy and safe, kosher food sales have increased by 64 percent over the last five years.

Vegans still need to read labels carefully to make sure kosher fulfills their dietary needs. Kosher guidelinesย  categorize foods as meat, dairy, or pareve (neutral, containing neither). Kosher or pareve does include eggs and fish, and fish gelatin may be substituted in kosher products such as marshmallows. Find out more details about kosher foods from the Kashruth Council of Canada.


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