Where to Look for the Next Beauty Trend

13 Apr

Makeup Haul Videos

If you only follow a couple of beauty bloggers or tweeters every day, you may be missing something from your daily beauty fix.

The latest YouTube stars are beauty video bloggers that love showing off their latest shopping haul and makeup tips.

The most watched beauty vloggers are sisters Elle and Blair Fowler (aka AllthatGlitters21 and Juicystar07) with combined videos that have been viewed 75 million times. The two media stars are so popular that companies now chase after them for sponsorships, product deals, and magazine spreads.

The haul video phenomenon has also made its way to Canada. Deanne Semkowski, a University of Manitoba student, creates haul videos for affordable brands from Canadian stores like Shoppers Drug Mart.

Latest Makeup Haul

Check out my most recent makeup haul via an “old-fashioned” digital camera.

Maybelline Lash Stilleto—A surprisingly good lash lengthener at a great price.

DiorBlush (in Rose Dragee)—Even though it’s pricey, you can justify this luxury two-for one: blush plus highlighter.

CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless—This foundation works well if you’ve got pretty good skin to work with (not the best choice for dry or broken out skin).

Body Truffles Stolen Lip Butter—Delicious chocolate and strawberry scent with a light tint (enough said).

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner (in Eastend Snob)—An automatic liner that really does what it says: gives full volume definition to your lips.


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