Jennifer Aniston Reveals Fragrance Details

17 Apr

Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum

Earlier this month, Jennifer Aniston hinted that she was joining the throng of celebrity scents and creating a fragrance.

She revealed more details to Women’s Wear Daily about the fragrance which launched in the UK in June.

Aniston describes the scent of the fragrance as a natural “non perfume perfume” that emphasizes organic outdoor scents like the beach and spring flowers. After growing up with a mother and grandmother who love stronger scents, Aniston prefers a clean and sexy fragrance that works with her natural, healthy image based on regular workouts and eating right. Aniston works out with Mandy Ingber creator of Yogalosophy and follows an eating plan that incorporates only healthy carbs like the New Atkins Diet.

The actress has been deeply involved in every step of making the fragrance which required a year-and-a-half journey. The process included designing the fragrance bottle which is inspired by modern architecture, one of Aniston’s passions. The cost will start at around $47 for a 50-ml bottle.

Update: Jennifer Aniston launched her fragrance at Harrods last year, and will be launching in the U.S. this week exclusively at  In late March, the fragrance will be on the shelves of Sephora stores nationwide.

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