Sandra Bullock is Moving on With Her Baby Boy

28 Apr

Sandra Bullock Shows Off Her Three-Month Old Son

For a change, we’re getting some good news regarding Sandra Bullock.

To the shock of the paparazzi staked out at her Los Angeles home, Bullock announced that she had secretly adopted a baby boy in New Orleans, Louis (pronounced Lew-ee) Bardo Bullock.

Bullock and her beautiful baby are featured on the cover of People magazine in a world exclusive with Louis wearing a necklace with colored beads.

If you have questions about the baby’s beaded necklace like the rest of the blogosphere (why is a three-month old wearing a “choking hazard” and is the necklace an expression of Louis’ ethnic heritage), Bullock puts all speculation to rest in the article.

The one-of-a-kind necklace was made for Louis by his stepsister, Sunny James, to represent all of the kids in their family. Could this be the start of a new trend: jewelry for celeb newborns?

In the article, Bullock addresses the photo of her soon to be ex-husband in Nazi gear by admitting that the photo shocked her. She hopes that Jesse James will address the issue one day and says that “this is not the world I live in or have ever lived in and have any tolerance for.”

In contrast to her husband who has been busy fighting his image as an Aryan wannabe, Sandra arranged for a Jewish circumcision ceremony (or a bris) for her son at her home including a professional trained in the practice. This likely also comes as a complete surprise to paparazzi who probably need a lot of help picking up their dropped jaws today.

[Image via People]

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