Colour Supplements Cover all the Bases

13 May

A Hint of Tint with Lush Colour Supplements

Fans of LUSH Cosmetics will now have to make room in their makeup bags for colour cosmetics. Well-known for its selection of handmade bath and body care, the company has just added a small stash of color products to its shelves.

Colour Supplements offer multi-purpose base colour to cover up skin flaws and tone down redness (it also doubles as a concealer for minor blemishes). Use the base colour as your regular foundation or mix it with your favorite moisturizer for a lighter, more dewy look.

Unlike most foundations, Colour Supplements are free of mineral oil which causes allergic reactions and bumps on the skin. Instead, the base colour contains non-irritating ingredients like soya and rice bran oils to care for all skin types. Red rose petal infusion calms redness, while glycerine helps your skin retain moisture. The product, which is not tested on animals, is also one hundred percent suitable for vegans.

Colour Supplements target all skin colours with four different choices:

  • Light Pink—the most versatile supplement.
  • Dark Pink—the darkest colour supplement.
  • Light Yellow—light base colour for pale or ivory skins.
  • Dark Yellow—darker base colour for olive or yellow skins.

Check out a handy guide on how to find out which colour is right for you, and how to use the base colour.


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