Oprah Grills Sarah Ferguson

1 Jun

The Duchess and the Debt

After being captured on video offering to sell access to her former husband, Sarah Ferguson took to Oprah’s couch to explain her latest scandal to the Queen of the TV confessional.

The interview began with Oprah playing the video which was secretly filmed by an undercover News of the World reporter. Although, Ferguson had seen some of the interview, she admitted to Oprah that she had never watched the entire footage. While viewing the clip, she referred to herself in the third person: “I feel sorry for her . . . She looks exhausted. Sad really.”

A new detail revealed in the interview was that Ferguson initially was trying to secure $40,000 on behalf of a friend who was in desperate need (would you sell out a partner or relative to help out a friend?). She then met with the reporter a week later where she came up with the idea of adding on $500,000 for herself.

Although Ferguson represented Weight Watchers for many years and was the author of several books, she has been unable to manage her finances. US company, Hartmoor, in which she held 51 per cent stake, ceased trading with final debts estimated at over 1 million pounds. Due to her bleak situation, Ferguson lives in one of the homes of her former husband, Prince Andrew, who she said loves her “unconditionally” and knew her actions were out of character.[tweetmeme source= “blushstopshere” only_single=false]

What’s next for Sarah Ferguson? Her desperate situation makes her the perfect candidate for a reality show. Celebrity Rehab is already recruiting the duchess, and rumors are that Donald Trump may scoop her up for Celebrity Apprentice. If that’s all she’s got right now, why not?


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