Dress up Your iPad in a Luxury Case

9 Jun

Designer Carrying Cases for Your iPad

If you’ve already scored an iPad, lucky you! Now all you need to do is show it off in a designer case.

The Gucci iPad case, designed by creative director Fria Giannini, is lined with soft suede and includes a Velcro closure. Available in stores starting June 15, the case comes in black rubberized leather, ebony in neoprene or woven fabric, and light beige canvas. You can pre-order the cases, which range from $230 to $290 (US), at the Gucci website.

Other versions will be available in October including mauve and military green. Or, if you can wait till next Valentine’s Day, your sweetheart just may win you over with a Gucci iPad case in bright red patent-leather.

The iPad case designed by Louis Vuitton comes in signature monogram and the monochrome Damier Graphite. The iPad attache case from Louis Vuitton will be available in 2011 for around $390 (US).

Update: Chanel has recently jumped into the luxury iPad accessoires game with a signature quilted case that costs around $1,500 US.


[Images: via GeekSugar and Harpers Bazaar]

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