Bronzing Stick for Taut and Tanned Legs

11 Jun

Golden Glow Without Too Much Glitter

Some of us will never get perfectly tanned legs, no matter how long we stay in the sun.

So, what’s the next best thing? Bronzed, shimmery thighs with Tarte Glam Gams.

The bronzing leg stick contains a proprietary blend of five superfruits infused with a natural fragrance: goji, acai, maracuja, acerola, and pomegranate. The formula is packed with antioxidant-rich nutrients and vitamins and resorative benefits that kick in for each application.

Just glide the stick down your legs for a golden shimmer. Then, blend it in with your hands after applying (with a little bit of lotion, this product distributes evenly without streaks). The color stays on until you wash it off in the shower.

Now all you have to to do is find the perfect pair of cargo shorts to flaunt your bronzed and well-toned looking legs.


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