Shapewear that Tones and Burns Calories

14 Jun

The Workout You Wear

Body shapers have come a long way in the last few decades by using lightweight fabric that controls target areas without sacrificing comfort. Now, it looks like the next generation of shapewear is about to hit the shelves of your local lingerie department.

Shapewear products from ShaToBu were created by a Quebec chiropractor, Dr. Denise Perron, who sought to create a shaper that would provide muscle toning and exercise to improve posture. By incorporating resistance bands into the garment, she created shapewear that makes your muscles work harder causing you to burn more calories.

According to independent studies conducted at the University of Virginia, women who wore ShaToBu burned up to 12% more calories as they performed regular activities like walking or climbing stairs. Calculate that over time, and it adds up to 30,000 extra calories per year.

ShaToBu products are made of nylon and Lycra fabrics that draw moisture away from the body to keep you cool and comfortable. You can wear ShaToBu with everything from casual to office clothing as waist and leg bands stay in place and prevent bulging or rolling.

ShaToBu – The Workout You Wear is available at The Bay starting this month or online at


One Response to “Shapewear that Tones and Burns Calories”

  1. Jacqueline 16/06/2010 at 4:58 am #

    Tell me why you wouldn’t choose a shaper with the added benefits of toning muscles and burning more calories over a traditional shaper? Check out what ShaToBu can do at or comment on our facebook page at!/ShaToBu?ref=ts – Jacqueline, Director of Marketing for ShaToBu.


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