Chill Out with White Sunglasses

5 Jul

Sunglasses are Going Retro

Some of us remember the 80’s when everyone embraced Miami Vice fashion (hey Crockett and Tubbs, where are you now?).

You may never be ready for neon tees or sneakers again. But how about a pair of 80s-inspired white sunglasses for the summer?

White frames aren’t just for celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, or Paris Hilton. Whatever hair style you’re wearing or face shape you’ve inherited, you still can find a style of shades in white that will frame your best features.

* Test drive the aviator style, like D&G silver-tone rims with white plastic arms and grey graduated tint lenses.

* Or, try a a fun look with heart-shaped sunglasses from Fred Flare that come in black & tinted lens.



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