Sensible Sandal is the Hottest Footwear Trend

24 Jul

Function Before Fashion

First came the clog, now the latest summer shoe is the Wörishofer. Originally designed over 70 years ago, the orthopedic sandal was created by a German podiatrist to help ward off bunions.

According to the Daily Mail, celebrities like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst have been spotted wearing the ‘bunion’ shoes currently being sold at trendy boutiques in New York City.

The demi-wedge with a cork sole and leather upper comes in a variety of colors from black to nude shades. You can also find the sandals in a (semi) fashionable two-tone look.

Who’s to blame for this most heinous crime of fashion? The popularity of the Wörishofer may be attributed to the resurgence of wedges on the runways of spring and fall designer collections.

More likely, even fashionistas need to give their feet a break by wearing “comfy” shoes with no pinching, rubbing, or chafing.

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