Pint-Sized Skinny Jeans Hit Stores

15 Aug

Parents are Scooping up Skinny Jeans for Their Babies and Toddlers

Just because you’re too self-conscious to wear skinny jeans doesn’t mean you have to deprive your two-year old daughter from wearing a pair.

According to The Wall Street Journal, skinny jeans are showing up all over the mall, including stores like American Eagle Outfitter’s 77kids, J. Crew Group’s Crewcuts, and the GapKids. Denim manufacturers True Religion and Levi Strauss are also making skinny jeans for kids.

What’s driving this trend in children’s clothing? One reason is the popularity of stylish clothing with adult overtones like Stella McCartney’s sassy line of clothing for The Gap, which includes miniature versions of the designer’s ready-to-wear line.

Parents also feel the need to indulge in some way and prefer cutting back on clothing for themselves but continue to spend on their children. Even though many segments of the economy are hurting, children’s clothing purchases are a bright spot with sales up 5.3% this year.

If skinny jeans for toddlers sound offensive, keep in mind that the jeans are constructed differently from adult jeans. For example, the top part of the pant from the waist to the thighs makes up half of the garment which sounds like a good idea when you have to squeeze a diaper into your pants. Comfort is also a key consideration when creating jeans for tots vs. adults.

You’ll have to dig deep in your wallet for your mini-me skinny jeans as the price can be as steep as adult jeans (at babyGap and GapKids, prices range from $19.50 to $39.50 US). Of course, one pair of skinny jeans is never enough.


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