Are Women Using Less Makeup?

19 Aug

Recent Shift in Makeup Usage

With all the makeup blogs and YouTube haul videos on the Internet, it would seem that women are using more makeup than ever.

Not according to an in-depth consumer report by the NPD Group market research company. The report found that makeup usage for women between 18 and 64 for 2010 is already down 5% compared to 2008.

Although that’s not a huge amount, it may be a future trend based on unemployment and a difficult economy.

Karen Grant, vice president and global beauty industry analyst at the NPD Group, told WWD: “Potentially, with the increase in unemployment and resulting decline in the number of women going to work, more women did not have a need to wear makeup.”

Grant also speculated that the popularity of a more causal look makes makeup more optional. Interestingly enough, the natural look is a big makeup trend for Fall 2010. Jennifer Aniston recently showed off an understated neutral look on the red carpet at the premiere of her movie, The Switch.  Find out here how you can get a natural makeup look for the rest of the summer.

[Image via FitSugar]


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