Dual Eye Treatment for Late Nights and Early Mornings

4 Sep

We’re not sure whether Elizabeth Grant is a party girl, but we do know that she’s come up with a solution to disguise the signs of too-much-fun-too-little-sleep.

The Socializer is a dual under eye treatment for late nights and early mornings. Both treatment tubes contain Elizabeth Grant’s signature moisturizing compound called Torricelumn™ to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

How To Avoid the “You Look Tired” Look

  1. Apply one or to clicks of The Socializer™ Late Nights (PM) before you crash to help minimize puffiness and look more refreshed when you wake up. Late Nights blends peptides and a unique algae, Ulva Lactuta, to repair, de-puff, and rejuvenate.
  2. Apply one or two clicks of The Socializer™ Bright Lights (AM) in the morning to minimize darkness and reflect light out of the creases under your eyes. Bright Lights uses Mica, a mineral light diffuser, to provide illuminating action and instantly brighten the under eye area.

With a click of an easy-to-use brush application the night before and the morning after, no one will know what you were up to and your eyes will never give you away.



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