Save the Tigers With Chantecaille

27 Sep

Earthy Eye Shadow and Cheek Palette

Luxury brand Chantecaille has created a limited edition palette to celebrate and raise awareness for the disappearance of wild tigers.

Since 1998, the population of tigers in the wild has diminished from 5,000 to 3,200 due to poaching, hunting, and exterminating for small and big profit. Five percent of the proceeds from the sale of  this palette will go to TRAFFIC, an international wildlife trade monitoring organization to help save the last tigers in the wild.

The Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette contains four easy-to-wear shades (not just for the jungle) with a laser‑etched compact image of a Royal Bengal Tiger:

– Eye shadow in Cream (satin ivory)
– Eye shadow in Pewter (silver grey)
– Eye shadow in Indigo (navy plum)
– Cheek color in Persimmon (universally flattering peach)

Visit to learn more about how you can help save the tigers. In Canada, Chantecaille is available at Holt Renfrew stores in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver.

[Image via Chantecaille]

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