NFL Apparel for Stylish Football Widows

2 Oct

ouch by Alyssa Milano

Are You Ready for Some Football Fashion?

If you can’t beat them, join them—which is why you need to share your passion for football with your significant other by dressing the part.

The latest fashions for women who want to get into the NFL scene is called the Fit for You collection. It’s a smart move on behalf of NFL marketers since women now make up 44 percent of NFL fans.

Modeled by wives of NFL players and coaches (and superfan/designer Alyssa Milano), the fashion items go beyond an oversized numbered jersey of your boyfriend’s favorite team.

The collection includes everything from bootcut jeans with team logos embroidered on the front and back to jewelry like a Green Bay Packers Crystal Necklace and Earring set. All of the items are cut for and geared towards women.

You can check out the entire collection at or find it in stores like Kohl’s and Victoria’s Secret.

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