Add a Splash of Color with Water-Resistant Blush

6 Oct

Breakthrough Long-Wearing Formula

How can you resist cheek color called Keep Blushing (especially if you’re the blog author of The Blush Stops Here)?

The newest blush from DuWop comes in two colors: Rose and Peach. With a proprietary blend of water-resistant ingredients, the powder blush has a unique formula designed to make your color last whether you go for a swim or get stuck in a Vancouver downpour.

If you’re thinking there’s a secret to the tiled design of the blush, you’re right. The tiled powder helps your brush pick up the just the right amount to dust across your cheeks, temples, or wherever you’d like to create a pop of rose or peach color that won’t fade away.

Keep Blushing also contains sage and green tea extract to soothe and hydrate your skin. With all these unique qualities, this blush may just be the right one for you to try out the latest Spring 2011 trend: bold contoured color on the side of the cheeks and temples.


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