Renew Your Skin While You Sleep

18 Oct

Nighttime Mask with Anti-Aging Active Ingredients

Now there’s even more reasons to catch up on your sleep.

During the day, the primary function of skin cells is to protect the body and defend themselves. At night, between midnight and 4 am, these cells are renewed and repaired.

The Nocturnal Line-up Mask from SAMPAR is an intensive treatment designed to act in step with the biorhythms of your skin. The light gel texture of the mask creates a film on the surface of your skin which allows active ingredients to work hard throughout the night.

One of the key ingredients, adenosine, is found naturally in the skin. It targets the deepest zones of the epidermis and boosts cellular repair weakened by premature aging. Other stars in this anti-aging complex include biopeptides which help skin regain its elasticity and tone, and soy protein which stimulates the production of collagen and cell regeneration. Chestnut extract works with the adenosine and biopeptides to produce an immediate lifting effect.

The mask is easy to use, even if you have a late night. Just apply it to the face and neck after cleansing, rinse in the morning, and get ready to see firmer and clearer skin after just one application (my skin definitely had a rosy glow). Long term clinical results are also impressive and include a toned and plumped face and smooth and velvety skin.

The Nocturnal Line-up Mask is available at select Sears locations,,, and several independent boutiques.

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