Tackle Your Hair Issues Like a Pro

27 Oct

Is Your Hair as Silky as Troy Polamalu’s?

The next time you want the inside scoop on long beautiful curls, you may want to check out Pittsburgh Steeler safety, Troy Polamalu.

The veteran football player has made his mark in a wide variety of defensive roles, but is becoming more famous for his long Samoan locks.

Even though he hasn’t had a haircut since 2000, Polamalu’s thick and curly hair looks as polished as if he’s just stepped out of a Beverly Hills salon.

The Head & Shoulders brand was so impressed with his luxurious curls that they signed Polamalu as a spokesperson for one of their shampoos. The company has even created an insurance policy “to protect his iconic mane for the entire NFL season.” This makes a lot of financial sense since tackling a player by the hair is legal in the NFL and does not alone constitute unnecessary roughness.

Recognized as the official shampoo of the NFL, Polamalu swears by the Hair Endurance for Men collection. According to People magazine, some of his teammates are also coveting his curls as one teammate in particular is always trying to steal his hair care products.

The Hair Endurance product contains a hydrazinc formula that removes buildup and restores the scalp. Less buildup on your scalp leaves hair looking fuller and thicker. Of course, you need Troy Polamalu’s genes to get hair that big!

Update:  It looks like football and long hair is the trend this season in the NFL. Nearly every team has at least one player with hair long. The Arizona Cardinals are the unofficial league leader in hirsuteness, with eight.

[Image: People magazine]


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