Can You Lose Weight Eating Twinkies?

8 Nov

Convenience Store Diet Leads to Weight Loss

Forget about boring diet food like carrot sticks and cottage cheese. A professor of nutrition, Mark Haub, has determined that calorie counting, not nutritional value, matters when it comes to weight loss.

To prove his premise, the Kansas State University professor ate a Twinkie every three hours instead of meals (for variety, he added Little Debbie snacks, Doritos chips, cereal with sugar, and Oreos to his menu plan).

For two months, Haub limited his diet to less than 1,800 calories (800 calories less than a man of his size consumes daily). By doing so, he followed a basic principle of weight loss: consume significantly fewer calories than you burn (for more details on the diet and the professor, click here).

What was the result of the “Twinkies” diet? Haub lost 27 pounds and his body mass index fell from 28.8% to 24.9%. In addition, some of Haub’s health indicators improved including his LDL (bad cholesterol) which dropped 20 percent.

Although he doesn’t recommend the diet, the nutrition professor’s findings prove what most health professionals preach: calories count for weight loss as well as health markers. When it comes to health complications like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, being overweight is the problem. Not how many Twinkies you eat.

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