Multi-tasking Boots for All Seasons

13 Nov

Four-in-One Convertible Boots

Before boots were all the rage, a knee-hi pair was enough to handle the deep freeze of winter.

Times (and fashion) have changed because wearing boots isn’t a one season deal any longer. Neither will wearing one length of boots cover all of your fashion options.

If you aren’t a celebrity with a walk‑in closet full of designer boots, you can meet all of your boot‑wearing requirements with a single pair of Geren Ford Farrah boots.

These multi-tasking boots are really four boots in one that you can adjust with three horizontal zippers. Depending on your mood, you can convert the over-the-knee boots to knee-hi, mid-calf, or ankle boots.

On top of the functionality, the Italian leather boots with quilted stitching come with a 4″ heel and 3/4″ platform in front and signature Geren Ford custom rivets at the heel. All the more reason to justify the $500 price tag for your four-in-one boots.

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