Do You Wear Makeup While Outdoors in the Wilderness?

15 Nov


Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV series has debuted to roaring ratings on TLC. It’s not surprising that the eight‑part documentary exploring Alaska has already ignited a few controversies. One of the smaller controversies surrounds the issue of wearing full makeup while engaging in outdoor activities.

Let’s face it. Throughout the premiere show, the former governor’s makeup and hair looks “doggone” good (a TV critic commented: “Granted, Palin looks gorgeous at all times, but who has hair and makeup people on a mountain?”)

Whether hiking on Mount McKinley or casting a line while salmon fishing in bear country, it did appear as though Sarah Palin was wearing a full face of makeup (including mascara, blush, and lip color). Palin was also “coiffed up” during her wilderness adventures with various styles including a ponytail pouf and a half updo pouf. Of course, wearing makeup has been a personal preference since the beginning of time.

Sarah Palin is well-known for adding her personal touch to whatever she takes on. This means that when going rogue in the Alaskan wilderness, don’t forget your lip gloss and mascara.


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