Celebrate the Fizztival of Lights

19 Nov

LUSH Favorite Bath Bombs

Sometimes the holidays just sneak up on you. Like Hanukkah, the eight-day Festival of Lights, which starts this year on December 2nd.

If you want to light up the life (and bathtub) of a friend, you can give her the limited edition Fizztival of Lights gift from LUSH this holiday season.

The mini hat box is filled with four of LUSH’s favorite bath bombs, like the seasonal Cinders, to make each bath a special occasion. LUSH fizzy bath bombs are made with essential oils to condition and scent your bath.

This year’s Hanukkah gift marks the return of the Magic bomb which transforms bath water to a deep, sapphire blue. The bath bomb contains basil, peppermint oil, and rose which combine to make a soft, floral scent to relax your body and mind. Just what you need to handle the stress of eating all those potato pancakes (latkes).

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