Shower Cap Fit for a Queen

22 Nov

“Shower it Off and Keep the Coif”

Who says you have to wash your hair every day? Some mornings, when you’re running late, a time‑consuming blowout is out of the question.

Perfect for a quick shower (or a long soak in the tub), the Queen of the Coif Shower Cap from Upper Canada Soap is a stylish way to keep your hair dry and frizz-free.

The shower cap, which features durable waterproof lining with secure elastic, is roomy enough for even long, thick locks. Available in pink with a crown pattern or blue with a diamond pattern, the satin cap comes in a swanky package adorned with jewels.

Kate Middleton may have scored a real gem (sapphire engagement ring and Prince William) but you’ll like feel like royalty when you step out of the shower with hair that’s dry and fabulous.

Queen of the Shower Caps is available at specialty gift shops and department stores across North America. For more information, visit

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