Holiday Gift for a Tough Boss

25 Nov

Trail Blazing Gift Set

Do you have a female manager who’s been giving you the evil eye lately?

If you’re planning on asking for a salary increase in the near future, impress your boss with a gift that shows her you know who’s running the office.

The Boss Lady Mini Kit from Blue Q contains straight-shooting products with Western botanicals like cactus flower and sage to warm the heart of even the crankiest supervisor (think back to when you gave her your budget estimate).

Boss Lady Body Cream has a patented, honeysuckle conditioning formula with ingredients like cactus flower, dandelion, aloe, and coconut oil to rejuvenate skin. Wild Flower Body Wash revives and refreshes with a rich blend of natural botanicals as well as aloe and olive oil.

The mini kit also contains a honeysuckle lip balm with SPF 18 and a Boss Lady printed bandana that is sure to rope in her favorite cowboy. Who says brown‑nosing won’t get you anywhere?


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