Which Color of Lipstick are Men Attracted to?

13 Dec

Red Lips Grab Mens’ Attention

You may love your latest shade of peachy pink lip color, but pink may not capture the attention of the man in your life as long as another color.

According to a University of Manchester study involving the eye movements of males presented with images of different females, men find it difficult to look away from a woman if she’s wearing lipstick.

Pink shades kept men fixated for 6.7 seconds, while fire engine red colors held their attention longer for 7.3 seconds.

The study’s lead scientist, Dr Geoff Beattie, told the UK’s Daily Mail: “Our research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still ­inextricably linked, with red lipstick the most powerful attractor, and one that ­significantly increases visual fixation.”

If your partner is celebrating a special occasion, spruce up your lips with a flattering shade of red like Bobbi Brown’s Hollywood Red or Chanel Rouge Coco’s Gabrielle and you’ll make his day (or night).

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