Blush That’s Baked for Eight Hours

15 Dec

Baked Goodies Without Carbs

If you haven’t tried baked makeup, you’re in for a treat.

Baking makeup involves a slow process that reduces the amount of powder. The mixture of colors in baked makeup creates a rich pigment that you can build without the makeup looking cakey.

Previously, only high-end products used this process which originated in Italy. Not anymore. Hard Candy which has recently arrived in Canada (it’s sold exclusively at Walmart) has baked blush in its wallet-friendly makeup collection.

Blush Crush Baked Blush is a silky dome of blended colors that comes in four shades ranging from vivid pink to peachy nude (I tried Pin Up which is a flattering peachy pink shade with a touch of shimmer). Baked for eight hours, the marbleized blush gives your cheeks an all-over warmth or glow.

You can control the color intensity of baked blush by how you apply it. Use it dry for a natural look. Or, apply it wet to change the blush into a creamy texture that creates a more dramatic effect.

If you love the warmth and luminosity you get from baked blush, there’s more good news from Hard Candy. The line also offers baked eye shadow duos that you can apply dry for a soft look or wet as an eyeliner for deeper tones.

Whether you experiment with blush or eye shadow, wearing baked makeup is a breeze because it feels light, blends easily, and lasts all day.

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