Hottest Trend in Plastic Surgery is a Footlift

7 Jan

Cosmetic Foot Surgery is Gaining in Popularity

If you thought plastic surgery couldn’t get even more invasive, think again. The most booming reconstructive procedure is not for your face, it’s for your foot.

According to the Daily Mail, clinics like the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery are providing a range of foot operations to handle women’s obsessions with sky-high heels.

Some of the foot procedures include:

Foot Narrowing (also called the Cinderella Procedure)–Corrects bunions on both sides to make feet narrower.

Foot Padding–Injects fat or fillers into the foot to replace diminished padding.

Toe Reconstruction–Shortens toes to prevent hammertoes, stretches to repair over-shortened toes, or straightens toes to correct angle, curl, or hammertoes.

Although orthopedic surgeons believe procedures should only be done to alleviate pain and deformities, that hasn’t stopped women in the U.S. and the UK from requesting toe and ankle correction procedures. In fact, British women spend £29 million pounds ($45 million US) a year to fix foot related problems such as bunions, corns, and trapped nerves caused by high heels.

Of course, if you have perfect feet you may just snag a winning NFL coach like New York Jets’ Rex Ryan, who has been linked to online profiles on several foot-fetish dating and videos sites.

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