Do You Look Older Than Your Age?

12 Jan

An UnHealthy Lifestyle Adds Years to Looks

Is your lifestyle adding years to your looks?

A new study of women in the UK found that modern lifestyles with unhealthy habits are having a detrimental effect on looks, making women look 4.25 years older than they actually are.

According to a poll of 8,000 women over 25, unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and using tanning beds are making women look older than their chronological age.

The study found that 40% of the women go out in the sun regularly without any sunscreen protection. A quarter of the women who took part in the poll conducted by collagen replacement treatment, Sculptra, eat junk food two to three times a week and the average woman drinks 448 units of alcohol and smokes 894 cigarettes a year.

Of course, a celebrity-obsessed culture doesn’t help with so many actresses and reality stars chasing a party lifestyle that includes a tanorexic look. The exception is 41-year-old Jennifer Aniston who topped the list of celebrities who look good for their age.

[Image via Baltimore Sun]

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