Organic Honey for Your Hair

31 Jan

Beary Sweet Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Since its discovery thousands of years ago, honey has been used for a lot more than sweetening a cup of tea.

Not only does it pack a punch when it comes to nutrients, the golden nectar also contains natural humectants to help attract moisture to your hair, making it one of the best ingredients for treating dry and damaged hair.

Honey’do Shampoo and Conditioner from A Beautiful Life is formulated with organic honey to create shine and bounce.

Other key ingredients include rosemary extract to soften and soy to strengthen your hair. Citrus extracts provide an orange blossom scent that doesn’t overpower, and the hair care is also paraben and sulfate-free which means no harsh detergents.

The shampoo’s light formula provides a gentle lather which cleanses while making your hair more manageable. The conditioner rinses easily as an instant conditioner or you can leave it on for ten minutes as a deep treatment.

Honey’do Shampoo and Conditioner will be available starting February at Urban Outfitters or at


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