Hair-Raising Matchup For the Super Bowl

5 Feb

Whose Mane Will Reign Supreme?

Move over Troy Polamalu.

There’s a new head of long locks in town, and it belongs to one of your Super Bowl opponent’s.

As one of the Green Bay Packers’ star linebackers, Clay Matthews has finished fourth in the NFL this season with 13 1/2 sacks and 83 tackles. But his long blonde hair is getting more attention now that he’s signed a contract with Suave.

Troy Polamalu’s luscious dark curls are sponsored by Head & Shoulders but Clay Matthews is stepping it up with a one-year deal endorsing Suave’s shampoo for men, which the company says has been reformulated recently.

We’ll see whose stresses shine more on the field and in the locker room at Super Bowl 2011 this Sunday (I’m calling Green Bay). Not surprising, both players made a list of the 10 Hottest Super Bowl Players put together by The Stir.

Update: Woo hoo, Packers win 31-25. The biggest story of the Super Bowl so far is Christina Aguilera’s struggle with the lyrics of the US national anthem which she has since apologized for (the Star Spangled Banner may be a bit harder than O Canada . . . what are ramparts anyway?).

[Image: FoxSports]

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