Mascara on Bottom Lashes is No Longer Taboo

8 Feb

CLINIQUE Bottom Lash Mascara

If you’re like me, you rarely wear mascara on your bottom lashes because you want to avoid raccoon eyes. Applying mascara to your lower lashes can also come off as looking overdone.

For those followers of the “no mascara on bottom lashes” rule, get ready for a game changer.

Bottom Lash Mascara from Clinique is designed to grasp the tiniest bottom lash without creating nasty smears. The small wand of the mascara defines your lashes, even the inner corner ones.

The mascara has a smooth formula that doesn’t smudge even after hours of wear. Apply it after using mascara on your top lashes by swiping it from root to tip. If your bottom lashes are extremely fine, hold the brush tip vertically and wiggle it through individual lashes to cover them more precisely.

The tube for this allergy tested, fragrance-free mascara is small, and so is the price at around $10.


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