Anti-Aging Solution for Sensitive Skin

14 Feb

Whether it’s allergies, environmental population, or harsh treatments like chemical peels, skin sensitivity is on the rise (if you’re not convinced, check out this study that showed 52 per cent of us now describe our skin as ‘sensitive’).

When it comes to combating the signs of aging, sensitive skin sufferers have had few choices. Either you risk redness and irritation or you cope with products that don’t tackle all of your issues.

Lara Beauty has made a real breakthrough with a hypoallergenic skin care regimen that gently and effectively addresses the needs of both aging and sensitive skin.

Each product in the affordable skin care line features botanical and wrinkle‑fighting ingredients designed to soothe and calm while repairing aging skin.

  • Conditioning Cleanser removes makeup and surface dirt gently while providing anti-oxiding, anti-inflammatory effects (the botanicals in this cleaner won’t over dry your skin or make it feel tight).
  • Revitalizing Daily Toner soothes and rejuvenates, tightens pores, and promotes elasticity and hydration.
  • Anti-Aging Daily Therapy improves volume, fullness, and elasticity while fighting wrinkles and age spots with key ingredient Complex 3P3 derived from Japanese green tea leaves.
  • Polishing Microderm Abrasion polishes skin and smooths out fine lines and imperfections.

The mission of the Lara Beauty skin care line is to help women make intelligent decisions regarding skin care, rather than grabbing the latest hope in a bottle at the cosmetic counter. Count me in!

As part of the mission, you can find a comprehensive glossary of ingredients at as well as the basics for cleansing and caring for delicate skin.

[Image via Lara Beauty]


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