Kate Walsh Wants You to Smell Like Her “Boyfriend”

12 Mar

How to Lose a Boyfriend but Gain a Fragrance

Once you get through a nasty breakup, you may even start to remember the good things about your ex like the scent of your boyfriend that lingered on your skin.

Kate Walsh, who stars in Private Practice, recently debuted her first fragrance, Boyfriend, at Sephora in NYC’s Soho district. The actress created the fragrance when she realized she missed the smell of a boyfriend she had broken up with.

What does this fragrance smell like? It’s a woodsy blend of dark plum, myrrh, night blooming jasmine, and amber musk. In simple terms, the fragrance has a musk scent with just a slight hint of flowers.

If you fall head over heels with the fragrance, you can always try out The Boyfriend Kit, a five piece collection that includes eau de parfum spray, dry body oil, pulse-point oil, body cream, a votive candle, and an old-fashioned cosmetic case.

Unlike your ex who left his smelly socks on the floor or ignored you when the Canucks game was playing on TV, Kate Walsh’s “Boyfriend” will never let you down.

Image via Glamour

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