Computer Software That Helps You Pick Out the Perfect Makeup

14 Mar

3D Technology That Measures your Complexion and Helps You With Your Makeup

Since I work in the IT industry, I’m always excited to discover how technology can benefit all of the makeup junkies out there.

The latest advance in makeup‑assisted technology (that’s my newly coined phrase for makeup meets computers), is specially designed computer software that matches your face to 60 pre-programmed models and then advises how you should apply makeup based on professional make-overs performed on these models.

According to Kristina Scherbaum who developed the program at the Max Planck Institute, the software will “take into consideration certain personal facial characteristics, like freckles or moles. Furthermore, we can determine whether or not already existing makeup on a woman suits her face.”

The software is still being researched but it can be adapted for commercial use so that all you have to do is turn on your computer, use a web-cam, and let the software pick out the latest makeup trends for your face shape.

Now, if only someone can invent a device that blow dries and flat irons my hair every morning.

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