A Facial Cleanser That May Be Your Cup of Tea

21 Mar

Sweep Away Impurities, Dirt, and Makeup

Over the last few years, green tea has been touted for everything from lowering your chances of heart disease to boosting your metabolic rate.

Taking the green tea phenomenon even further, Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser from St. Ives contains 100% natural green tea to gently remove dirt and makeup while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance.

This could be your go to cleanser for handling an unexpected breakout because it also contains 2% salicylic acid to help fight acne. Since the cleanser is oil-free and designed to gently fight blemishes, it may not be the right solution those of you with drier skin.

A unique healing property of green tea is its ability to reduce redness when applied to the surface of the skin (green tea reduces the dilation that leads to your red skin). The lightly tea-scented gel formula, which is mild enough for sensitive skin, also has a silky texture that lathers up well. Not bad for a drugstore cleanser under $10.

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