Beauty and Politics: Who Will You Vote For?

3 Apr

Since we’re going through a rock ’em sock ’em election in Canada, I’ve been wondering what part a candidate’s looks play when it comes to casting a ballot.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent study carried out by experts in Sweden and Finland asked people to judge the attractiveness of politicians from five non-Scandinavian countries including the U.S. and Britain.

Results of the Study

The study showed that Swedes considered politicians on the right to be better looking than those on the left and rewarded  them with their vote at the ballot box.

The study seems to back up previous research in the world of business where better looking people earn an average of 15 per cent more than those considered less attractive.

When you look at the Canadian federal election, none of the party leaders has a clear advantage (IMHO). Hopefully, this spring election will be decided on policy vs. attractiveness.

[Image via Barnes and Noble]




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