Shop Every Day and Live Longer

10 Apr

Retail Therapy is Good for You

If you’re a shopping addict, you can cancel that trip to rehab.

It turns out that heading out to the mall every day may help you live longer, a new study from Taiwan suggests.

Taiwanese researchers reviewed a national survey about elder nutrition and health taken in 1999 and 2000 by approximately 2,000 Taiwanese people over the age of 65, including questions about how often they shopped. The researchers then obtained information on the individuals’ health, then compared the data with official health records from 1999 to 2008.

About half of the participants said they never or hardly ever shopped, while 22 percent engaged in shoppingย  two to four times a week. A minority of 17 percent indicated thy shopped every day.

Results of the Study

The once-a-day shoppers were 27 percent less likely to die than those who never or hardly ever shopped, even after adjusting for physical and mental impairment. Men who shopped once a day were 28 percent less likely to die, while women 23 percent less likely than those who seldom ventured out to stores.

The researchers concluded that compared to formal exercise, shopping could be an easy way to get in some physical activity: “Its informality makes it a more attractive alternative than more prescriptive approaches to healthy aging.” Of course, checking out the latest fashion and beauty trends can also brighten your day.


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